Do you have recommended browser to view the website?
"For smooth operation of the member only website, below browsers and plug-ins are recommended. Please check your software version and update as necessary.

Your computer set-up may also affect the operation; however, WORLD P.T.A. cannot provide further advice on this issue. We ask for your understanding.

■Recommended OS and browsers


・OS:Windows XP/Vista/7 MacOS ver.10.5 or later

・CPU: Windows/Pentium4 2.0GHz or later MacOS/IntelCPU

・Memory: 1GB or more

・Browser:Microsoft Internet Explorer8 or later, FireFox4.0 or later, Google Chrome, Safari5.1.1 or later

・Connection: high speed internet connection such as ADSL, CATV (cable) and optical line 

▼Smart phones and iPad

・iPhone/iPad iOS 5 or later

・Android 2.3 or later (excluding some models)

・High speed internet connection such as Wi-Fi (unexpected errors may occur under 3G)

*No guarantee for ISDN, SIM cards, etc. 

*If you use other applications and/or download simultaneously, the website may not operate correctly even when viewed with recommended OS and/or browser. 

■Plug-in, etc. 

1: Official website and member only website uses Javascript. To enjoy all contents of the website, you must use browser allowing Javascript. 

2: Some pages of official website and member only website requires you to have Adobe Flash Player (Flash Player latest version). Please download and install from the official Adobe Flash Player website.

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